An American product for
the European market



As enthusiastic experts in micronutrients, the brothers Ray and Peter Hamel from Boston were dissatisfied with anything the market provided. So they developed pure, high-quality products themselves that can be used without hesitation: Pure Encapsulations.


Sales in Austria

An Austrian doctor successfully promoted sales in Austria via Promedico in the 1990s, and since then the “Pure” brand has been developed, promoted and adapted for the local market by Promedico in Graz.


More than a food supplement

Promedico soon recognised that “Pure” customers were not just interested in the food supplement but also in an improvement in quality of life. “Pure Encapsulations” were thoroughly suitable for this – a concept which Promedico retained early on.


Pure 365 and repositioning

The development of the PURE 365 product line marked a milestone in the history of “Pure”: simple preparations, perfect for the European market. The focus of the communication concept was shifted to stress that Pure “makes pure living easier”.


Fine tuning the design

Pure represents ease. In this vein, the labels were simplified, a clear colour and image design was created and a whole range of new advertising materials developed. Promedico reinvigorated the brand.


Sharing knowledge

One of Promedico’s tasks is the organisation of events. The focus here is on the training series “Pure Academy”, to keep pharmacists and doctors well informed and up to date … another important step towards the future.


Support for pharmacists

Promedico offers product development and optimisation, the complete range of sales and marketing activities and also advertising. Promedico created new shop window designs and goodies and comprehensively extended the range.


All-round care

Promedico is responsible for all “Pure” processes. This allows us to continue developing the brand. We are totally dedicated to one purpose: Pure’s comprehensive success.

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